Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It's communication- stupid

How does the following relate to lung cancer: it's about communication - symptoms, understanding, doctors, the world.
Was in the gym this morning and followed my routine with a visit to the sauna. Walked in and found a fully clothed woman on her cellphone; my asking her if she minded my sitting down was meant to inspire her to terminate her cell phone conversation. I was flawed when she said it's okay if I enter and continued chatting away; the fact that there are signs all over the gym regulating cell phone use meant nothing; she was determined to do what she wanted to do no matter what. I responded with a direct request that the conversation be terminated; that she was intruding on the purpose of a sauna - relaxation. Was getting no where with her until I began applying my body lotion;she found it annoying - can't say I was in the right however decided it served my purpose and therefore I proceeded to apply more lotionn. Low and behold the manager appeared and told me a complaint was registered about the lotion. Mind you the fully clothed woman still thought she did nothing wrong and proceeded to call me lots of names (after the manager left). I ignored her and eventually she left the sauna -- I assume because it was getting too hot. She told me she was going to pray for me in the hopes that I can be redeemed.
Wow - I would have ceased to apply lotion if this woman was not so obnoxious; refused to acknowledge how wrong she was.
The point of this all - think about what you do; think about whether your physician understands what you are saying and at the top of the list - you are the master of your destiny